Sai Baba of Shirdi Answers Your Prayers And Questions

Jose "Jay" Carrillo

Sai Baba is a spiritual master that is considered by many to be a saint for his ability to answer your prayers and help you with your health problems. He answers your prayer in different ways based on the situation (read below).

In India, Saibaba is a popular “fakir” with many Muslim and Hindu followers. A fakir is a Muslim person that renounces their worldly possessions and dedicates their life and faith to serving and worshipping God.

He’s known for saying, “Service to man is service to God”.

Sai Baba embodied this best and went on to help many people in their daily lives. He went out of his way to help poor people because they had the least amount of resources.

He was also considered an avatar of the “Supreme Reality” which is a Brahman or God, satguru or saint.

Background of Sai Baba of Shirdi: Muslim Fakir and Saint

Sai Baba’s place and day of birth are actually unknown but many things point to him being born near the village of Shirdi, a town currently in the state of Maharashtra. Others believe he was born in a small village called Pathri. It was also rumored that he came from Tamil Nadu.

Sai Baba himself gave vague answers of his origin because he said it wasn’t important. They ranged from being born to parents in the village of Pathri to living under the care of a Hindu guru called Venkusa of Selu for 12 years as his disciple.

Saibaba’s focus was solely on matters that helped him and everyone else around him get closer to God.

Reportedly, he arrived at the village of Shirdi in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, India at the age of 16. There he lived an ascetic life and the people of the village recount Sai Baba sitting in an asana under a neem tree. There he would practice meditating. Scorching heat or bone-chilling cold, the young Sai Baba meditated under the neem tree.

He was also a worshipper in the Khandoba temple.

Some of the religious villagers visited him often while village children threw stones at him because they thought he was crazy.

Others say they saw him with a horse cart at all times but after some time he left the village.

It was rumored that he fought in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 which was most likely true. Sai Baba was quoted in Narasimhaswami, B.V. (1986) as saying, “I was at the battle in which the Rani of Jhansi took part. I was then in the army.”

Sai Baba Returns to Shirdi One More Time

Sai Baba’s actual name is unknown but upon his return to Shirdi, a temple priest called Mahalsapati gave him the name of Sai, meaning God. The word Baba means sir, grandfather, father or old man. Thus, Sai Baba means “saintly or holy father” or “poor old man”.

During this period, Sai began dressing in a knee-length one-piece Kafni robe and a cloth cap. A devotee by the name of Ramgir Bua said that Sai dressed like and athlete with long hair and never shaved his head. This type of clothing and dress identified Sai as Muslim fakir.

Sai Baba was known for losing himself in the nearby dangerous jungle for hours on log walks.

Later, he took residence in an old broken down mosque. There he lived a solitary life difficult life where he maintained a sacred fire called a dhuni. It was from this fire that he would give ashes to departing mosque guests. Numerous people received these ashes.

This sacred ash was believed to have healing power because he applied these ashes to heal the sick.

It is also known by many that he blessed Buty Wada, another temple in the village of Pathri.

Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga influenced his teachings.

He encouraged people to share with others. His main theory was that unless there is a connection or relationship, no one goes anywhere. Most importantly, to treat everyone (man or animal) that comes to you with respect. This is the only way to maintain peace in your mind and heart, otherwise you carry a heavy burden all your life.

As an old man, he became known as the Saint of Shirdi or Child of God.

The last days of Sai’s life saw his health deteriorate. He had a major fever and stopped eating.

His remains lie in the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Samadhi Mandir. The date of his death has been recorded to be October 15, 1918. The date of this event is still remembered by many to this day.

10 Best Sai Baba Quotes: Devotees Practice God’s Faith In His Name

When it comes to profound quotes to help you overcome an issue or problem (health, financial, etc.), there are none better than Sai Baba. His quotes are numerous and full of true wisdom.

If you care to get in front of your problem and close the issue, read the best quotes next.

  1. “Your bad days will change into happy days. Believe in my words.”
  2. “Do you know why you are in trouble because you are worried about tomorrow? You keep on thinking about the future that is only the cause of your problems. Don’t think about tomorrow. Live in the present. God is there to take care of tomorrow.”
  3. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile, new joy is coming ahead.”
  4. “Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. Your God is with you wherever you go.”
  5. “If the delay happens that means something good is ahead. Don’t be disappointed by the delay.”
  6. “Relax. Your problems are in my hands now.”
  7. “When that heart is hurting with pain, the burdens are too heavy and the path treacherous. Chant more, pray more and stay connected with me more. Fill up the hollow with me and my name.”
  8. “Don’t live with memories, it will just ruin your present. No one has achieved anything living with past memories. Live in the present my child.”
  9. “When you believe that everything happens in your life, good or bad, according to the will of God, you will always be satisfied.”
  10. “When God takes everything from you and makes you empty, don’t be upset because God is going to give new life to you. He will start giving you all the things.”

Ways in Which Saibaba Answers Personal Problems and Prayers to Manifest Miracles

The ways in which Sai Baba answers your prayer can vary greatly based on your faith in God and your problem. Read all the ways that Sai Baba can help you overcome your problem.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Sai Prashnavali

Prashnavali is a type of astrology similar to fortune telling. Prashnavali is a 15 x 15 grid of squares. Each square has an Akshar symbol derived from Chopais or couplets of the Shri Ram Chari Manas. People searching for something in their life will be asked to close their eyes and then place a finger on one of the boxes. Then, the Akshar in every ninth box will be recorded to form a Chopai, which will answer the person’s question. The most important step is to say a prayer to Sai Baba prior to the fortune telling while focusing intensely on your questions.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Leading by Example

One way in which Sai Baba answers your prayer is by setting the way he lived his life as an example of how you could live your life. Ultimately, you are the owner of your destiny but having an example to go by can be very powerful in helping you realize the adjustments you need to make to influence your desired outcome.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Meditation

Sai Baba started meditating at an early age. He meditated every single day, rain or shine. Sai Baba knew how powerful meditation was and therefore inspired others to do the same. In turn, his followers that meditated daily began to transform their lives. Most important of all, their prayers began to get answered!

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Good Karmas

While praying for oneself is important, Sai Baba taught his devotees that showing compassion and respect for your fellow man, created good karma for you. Coupled with your prayer, having good karma only magnified your request and outcome.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Focus in the Present

Sai Baba taught his followers that their prayers would be answered if they learned to focus on the present. Thinking about previous events have no bearing on the present and thinking of the future is to be left to God. To focus on the present means that you have a clear and laser target on your present goal. Whether that is prayer or something else, to be able to focus in the moment will ultimately help you realize the wishes in your prayers and dreams.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Overcome Your Fears

Sai Baba himself practiced overcoming his fears by taking long walks in the jungle and placing himself in other dangerous situations. He knew the importance of not being held back by your fears and that overcoming your fears is one of the keys to your success and growth. Everyone is afraid of something but the difference comes in how you handle that fear. You either get paralyzed by your fear or you take it straight on and move forward. Otherwise, you will never grow.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Providing What You Need

Sai Baba has answered many prayers. Oddly enough he has answered in different ways than what was intended by his devotees. This is because many times your prayers are not focusing on what you truly need. Sai Baba knows this and therefore provides you with the actual answer that you are in need of. For example, instead of answering with money, Sai Baba will answer by providing a job for you since that is your true need.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Miracles

Over the years, it has been told that Sai Baba helped many by performing miracles. Some were minor while others were truly incredible. From feeding the hungry, to helping the sick and poor, and bringing back people to life from near death situations.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Find Your Purpose

Overcoming your fears allows you to grow and move forward but without a purpose in life, you have no direction. Finding your purpose, goals or dreams are essential in overcoming whatever it is you have going on in your life. Sai Baba’s purpose was to get closer to God and help people in their lives. What’s your purpose?

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Addiction

Sai Baba was known for helping people with addictions. He knew that addiction was a product of poor mental health, so he focused all his energy and power on understanding the root cause of an addict’s state of mind. Only then could he address the cause and therefore work towards a different outcome for the person in need. Similar, if you have an addiction to overcome, read about Sai Baba’s work in this area. It’ll be a great start on your path to a life free of addiction.

Sai Baba Answers Your Prayer: Blessings

The simplest form in which Sai Baba helped people heal was to give them his blessings. He did this in a physical sense as well by giving mosque visitors ashes with a blessing. The fact that Sai Baba prayed for them and also gave them ashes was a visual reminder to all his followers that they had received his blessing. This had a profound effect on his devotees because there was a connection between the spiritual blessing and the physical ashes.

If you know anything about the mind, this type of connection is extremely powerful. This is the reason why vision boards and writing down your goals and dreams are many times more effective. The physical connections you make with your thoughts trigger your unconscious mind to accelerate the need to help you attain your goals and dreams.

Editor’s Thoughts and Final Words

Whether you have a Hindu background or believe that Sai Baba can answer your prayer or not, that’s based on your faith in him.

Outside of faith is the blueprint Sai Baba laid out on how you should live your life. Love, positivity and compassion for your fellow man are one of many spiritual teachings. Quite honestly, you can’t go wrong in your life if you were to model your life after Sai Baba, even if it was just on one aspect of his life.

If you are one of the many Sai devotees, there are a few things to consider to help you on your way to a better life. One is to greet people by saying “jai sai ram”. The other is to have a pooja room in your home where you can worship daily.

In addition, there are a few books with more specifics on Sai Baba’s practices and teachings. A couple of good books to read are Sai Satcharita and Shri Madhave Lele. You can also read books by authors Sai Leela and B.V. Narasimhaswami.

Leave your heavy heart, financial problems, health issues, family problems and difficult times behind. Have full faith in Sai Baba and be on our way to good health and peace of mind. Have a good day!