Best Ideas: 47 Matching Instagram Bios for Couples

Jose "Jay" Carrillo

Even a social media novice can see that matching bios for couples is the latest trend on social media like Instagram, TikTok or Tumblr. There’s no better way to show the world that you’re in a romantic relationship than with a matching couple bio in your profile. Matching bio ideas can be cute, witty, include a song lyric, joke, emoji or even a famous quote.

Whether you’re a cute couple in love or just best friends, you’re in the right place. I’ve listed many creative matching bio ideas for couples to spark your “Instagram Matching Bio” creating self.

I’ve even included some cool Instagram bios that you can use for yourself. The good news is that no match is required!

How to Make a Good Instagram Bio

The first thing to know is that a “bio” is a short description of you that can be found on your profile next to your username. Typically, it’s a clever phrase or savvy way of letting people know all about you and what you enjoy. It can include humor such as an inside joke or even inspiration.

The best thing you’ll wanna do is keep it simple (about 150 characters). The ultimate is to also make it creative, witty and punchy at the same time. Cute Instagram bios and cute matching bios for couples as mentioned above are also a good option.

The most important thing is that you make your Insta bio original and perfect for you!

Couples Matching Instagram Bios

Couples Matching Instagram Bios

I’m not claiming that these are the best matching bios for couples ever but one thing is for sure.

These cute bios on Instagram will show everyone that you and your BFF (or loved one) have a romance and friendship that’s inseparable. Let’s explore the best bios for couples.

“I love my wife so much, she’s so hot! She is smart and very kind . . . and . . . I love my husband because he is the funniest man ever!”

“We are still trying to figure out our dream . . . and . . . For now, we have each other!”

“The most perfect couple . . . and . . . The most perfect love!”

“We are a loving couple . . . and . . . We actually like each other!”

“I’m the guy that got this fun, inspiring and beautiful girl to fall in love with him . . . and . . . I’m the girl that fell in love with a kind-hearted guy who loves to make me smile!”

“I’m the one you’ve been waiting for . . . and . . . I can’t wait to get married!”

“When we’re not laughing, we’re fighting . . . and . . . When we’re not fighting, we’re laughing!”

“Together we make a whole . . . and . . . A whole lotta love!”

“I’m the most handsome and loving guy in the world . . . and . . . I’m the luckiest girl in the world because my boyfriend is rich!”

“I’m with her . . . and . . . I’m with him.”

“You belong to me . . . and . . . I belong to you!”

“I think of you all the time . . . and . . . I only think of you two times per day, night and day!”

“I’ll bring the mash . . . and . . . I’ll bring the gravy!”

“You’re always in my dreams . . . and . . . I never want to wake up!”

“I love waking up to you every day . . . and . . . I love falling asleep in your arms every night!”

“Big spoon . . . and . . . Little spoon”

Friends Matching Instagram Bios

Even best friends can have matching bios on Instagram. Below are some ideas if you’re looking for matching bios for Instagram for you and your best bud.

Let’s take a look to see if you can find any good Instagram bios to inspire you.

“We are one . . . and . . . Two peas in a pod.”

“We’re weirdos with a big dream . . . and . . . To make a positive impact on the lives of our friends, family and community through creative expression, hard work and genuine care for others.”

“Best friends . . . and . . . Partners in crime”

“Extrovert . . . and . . . Introvert”

“I’m a strong believer that we’re going to get pretty far . . . and . . . But, let’s not try too hard!”

“Humble . . . and . . . Bumble”

“My best friend rocks . . . and . . . I’ll be your rock when you need me!”

“You are my peanut butter . . . and . . . You are my jelly!”

Creative Instagram Bios

Creative Instagram Bios

“I laugh all the time, and some of the time it’s about something that’s actually funny.”

“Life is too short. Laugh while you still have all your teeth!”

“I’m a lover of everything. I like to make things, grow things and build things. Most of all, I love coffee and sleep! Life isn’t fair . . .”

“I’m the one who’ll text you back every time.”

“A firm believer that love is the only thing you can’t buy. I know, I’ve tried . . .”

“Poker legend by day. Bingo aficionado by night!”

“Accountant by day. Daddy superhero by night!”

“I’m the most fun you can have with your pants on, an ex-banker turned crypto enthusiast, cryptocurrency influencer and founder of multiple companies.”

“You can’t make me do what I don’t want to do.”

“My girlfriend is the best ever. We play games together all the time and have a blast. If I win she makes me do the dishes for an entire week!”

“If your an adventurous intellectual who also happens to be a total babe, then lets hang out. I can unsubscribe from all those dating apps!”

“I’m a snowflake . . . no one is like me in the world and I can never be replicated.”

“I just make babies. I’m a dude with a wife and a baby. This is our family fun board.”

“I love financial freedom because it lets me sleep better at night!”

Funny Instagram Bios

There’s nothing better than a funny bio. The great thing about adding the humor element to your profile makes you come across as an intelligent and friendly person. Funny bios are still my favorite of all time because that little bit of humor goes a long way.

“This is the funniest and most creative bio on Instagram . . .”

“I make people laugh on Instagram. It’s my job. I love my job. Hit me up.”

“Looking for creative ways to put a spark into my love life . . . can you help me?”

“I copied this from my Twitter bio.”

“I love all my Instagram followers!”

“The best of the best Instagram bios . . . right here!”

“I don’t believe in a first impression just great Instagram bios and awesome profile pics!”

“I’m the kind of person that is looking for good girl love and ice cream in this virtual world I call la-la land.”

“Voted the most perfect bio in the whole world: I love to do different things like write song lyrics and go for a long run in the early morning. It’s a great way to keep physically fit and an excellent way to keep your creativity flowing. Nothing about a love story or Harry Styles, just a cool Insta bio.”

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