85 Best Hunter X Hunter Inspirational Quotes From The Top Anime Series

Jose "Jay" Carrillo

You don’t have to look any further to find the best Hunter x Hunter inspirational quotes from the popular anime series.

Whether it’s Hisoka quotes from Hisoka Morow himself, or quotes from Biscuit Krueger, Leorio Paradinight, Meruem, Kurapika, Koala, Genthru or Ging Freecss, they’re all here.

I’ve curated the most comprehensive list of Hunter x Hunter inspirational quotes from the anime series just for you. My favorite quotes are those from Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss.

The quotes range from funny to oddball, all the way to inspirational, deep and even dark. There are just so many different personalities in this groundbreaking anime series that you’re bound to find something that’ll make you laugh, or inspire you.

If you don’t believe me, you should really check out my hand-picked quotes below.

Plus, read the bonus exclusive interview with the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi!

Killua Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter Inspirational Quotes

“We live because we face death.”

“If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn’t I be betraying him?”

“What I’ve been searching for is a quest with a guy who listens.”

“Friends are supposed to help friends.”

“The only way to defeat monsters is to become one.”

“Not killing people is really hard. Clean living is tough.”

“I wanna die like a warrior.”

“I’m not an assassin anymore! I’m a hunter!”

“I swear we’ll ride to the Demon Lord together.”

“You don’t need to thank friends.”

“I beat my enemy like a hunter.”

“When I say it doesn’t hurt me, that means I can bear it.”

“You-san knows that if friends die, there’s less responsibility.”

“People only find me interesting because they can’t tell whether I’m serious or not.”

“I can use everything as a trigger.”

“Sorry, but what’s about to happen is just me blowing off some steam.”

“There’s no need to get mad. We all have demons.”

“Who wants to have their life planned out for them?”

“How can you live like this? After your father died, you . . . you . . . you became what?”

“I won’t let you off the hook this time. You’d better make it up to me, Gon.”

“What are you saying, kid? That you planned it all along, that everything was a lie? Are you crazy?”

“I’m so tired of killing. I just want to be a kid. Hanging out, doing stuff with Gon. That’s it.”

“I just want a happy ending.”

“Assassination, it’s the family trade. We all take it up. My folks see me as an exceptional prospect. But I don’t see that I should have to live up to their expectations.”

“In this city, the only way to settle the score is through fists. Fighting makes the world go round.”

“Gon, let’s get in front. Yeah, and it’ll get us away from Hisoka. He’s killed and wants to kill again.”

“A hunter . . . If you wanna survive in this world, you gotta be hard as nails.”

“I must protect him because he’s my friend. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t ever want to lose him!”

“The only way to eliminate a monster is to become one.”

“Move, and you die. Use Nen, or utter one word, and you die. Now close your eyes… You see what happens when you break promises?”

“No matter what you face, there’s always a way for you to survive.”

“Risking your life and throwing away your life seem alike but are two totally different things. People who live at the brink of death never think of throwing their lives away.”

“It’s good to have a friend, even if he’s not around.”

“Nanika, will you forgive me for being a bad big brother?”

“Someone told me a long time ago, that you’re truly happy when you’re with your comrades.”

“We didn’t do anything . . . our enemies did.”

“Fear is the only poison that you can’t cure.”

“It’s foolish to show your hand when the odds are against you. That’s my dad’s logic.”

“Fear comes from being alone.”

“The stronger someone is, the better they are at hiding that strength.”

“I don’t listen to anyone. I make my own decisions.”

“You’re cool for having all these goals. I don’t have a plan . . . I don’t know what to do with my life.”

“I gotta go get my marbles.”

“There’s a way to face fear. It’s called running.”

“There’s nothing I can do against a good lock.”

“I never back down from a fight.”

“I’ve got a life, and I’m gonna live it. And then, I’m gonna kill some more.”

“I was always told that if you’re hard on the outside, you’re soft on the inside.”

Gon Freecss Hunter x Hunter Quotes

In Hunter x Hunter, the plot follows the main character Gon Freecss as he searches for his father’s whereabouts and trains to become a hunter. Gon Freecss frequently has erratic mood swings leading to some noteworthy quotes below.

“You’re either a hunter or you’re part of the normal people, and I’m part of the normal people.”

“If you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry.”

“If you are lying it will be easy on my mind. I won’t have to show you any mercy. I can defeat you without hesitation.”

“If you’re willing to do whatever it takes, I won’t hold back.”

“My greatest pleasure comes when such people buckle to their knees, and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plan fail.”

“Qualification isn’t something we have to talk about. The ones who are not okay with their success can go through training until they are.”

“Being able to cry for his companion. I was thinking you couldn’t cry, nor did you have a heart. But in that case why, even a little, don’t you share that feeling with all the people you kill!”

Best Quotes from the Anime Series Hunter x Hunter

Realist quotes can be found below. Buckle up because there are some real doozies!

“You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”

“I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time.”

“Because no matter how many people try to hurt you, as long as you’re able to . . . you just keep going.”

“We all have our wounds. We all have scars. But you know, we’re all pretty lucky. We’re still alive.”

“We’re not supposed to die when we lose, we’re supposed to die before we lose.”

“This isn’t about winning or losing. This is all about winning.”

“All I care about is beating you. That’s it.”

“I do not care about the opinions of ignorant people.”

“In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin.”

“There are, like, a million things wrong with that sentence, you know? You can’t learn anything if you’re stubborn.”

“I thought you were saying what you really think. You know, the good the bad and the ugly. And you’re not afraid.”

“There’s no such thing as a miracle because miracles change. This is evolution. This is the process. This is the world. Believe in science!”

“There are two things that collectors always want. The first is any item of extreme rarity. The second is colleagues to whom they can brag about their collection.”

“There are few things more terrible than being lonely. You feel like the whole world’s collapsing in on you, and your insides are breaking.”

“A beast in human’s clothing understands better than anyone how people want to be treated.”

“You should’ve been more careful.”

“Just be careful who you piss off. Because if you don’t, you could end up like Dead or Alive.”

“I think your dad was onto something when he looked at me like that.”

“I’d prefer not to do this. I’ve seen you in action and you have talent and potential. Is your pride really worth throwing all of that away?”

“You don’t own me, Gon. No one owns me. Not my family, not my friends, not even Gon. The only thing I own is me. Everything and everyone tries to take it away from me. It never stops. I can’t let it stop. Because if it stops, I’ll lose myself. I’ll lose the only thing that’s mine, and I won’t get it back.”

“If you disrespect me, I will kill you!”

“There are liars who only lie when there’s a reason to, and there are liars who also lie without a reason.”

“F*ck your honor, I have reasons.”

“The only reason you come here is because you are a bad loser.”

“One day, Gon, you’ll be just like your dad.”

“There are ways to go around him, but you can’t go around people.”

“A boy with less than half my strength managed to break my cage!”

“Do you humans ever listen to the cries of mercy coming from the pigs and cows you slaughter?”

“I was trying to take the easy way out by running away from everything. No matter the pain, I will keep living. So, when I die, I’ll feel I did the best I could.”

“An apology is a promise to do things differently next time, and to keep the promise.”

Exclusive Interview with Creator Yoshihiro Togashi

What was your inspiration as a child to make Hunter x Hunter?

I really got inspired when I started watching Naruto. That anime’s plot was about a boy who become this legendary ninja hunter. Naruto inspired me to make my own great anime and manga series.

Do you remember the moment when you decided to make Hunter x Hunter?

I actually started working on it back when I was a young boy at 11 years old. It was kind of difficult making Hunter x Hunter back then. But now, things are much easier for me.

How important is technology in making an anime series?

Thanks to technology, I can share my voice with people all over the world. No matter what I am doing, I can record my voice and put it onto YouTube, I can even make it into an animated short. Technology has also made my life much easier when it comes to writing and drawing.

What is the one anime character who inspires you the most?

My favorite anime character is Killua Zoldyck.

Have you ever thought about changing or revamping Hunter x Hunter?

I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to revamp the series. I know a lot of great people who would be upset if I did that. Plus, I would feel kind of silly making a new version of Hunter x Hunter.

Why do you keep on listening to feedback from the fans?

Hunter x Hunter is based off of how people used to talk. I know this sounds funny but the way that people used to talk is the way that kids talk today.

Do you have plans of making a live-action film?

To my knowledge, I don’t have a live-action film deal yet. But it’s definitely something I would love to do.

As a fan, do you ever feel lost or frustrated as the creator of the Hunter x Hunter franchise?

I don’t feel that way. Hunter x Hunter is a hit around the world. I would be honored if it was turned into a live-action film one day.

What is your favorite thing about Hunter x Hunter?

My favorite thing is the awesome characters. It’s one of my favorite animes, and the characters are one of the main reasons why.

Where do you get your inspiration from for creating new Hunter x Hunter stories?

I’m always trying to find new stories to tell. When I’m drawing Hunter x Hunter stories, I like to research what the characters are doing in the real world.

Do you have plans for taking Hunter x Hunter international?

At the moment, I don’t have any plans for taking Hunter x Hunter international. I will wait to see how things go and then go from there.

Do you feel like the fans that wear Hunter x Hunter shirts, hats, etc. are wearing Hunter x Hunter?

Yes, I do. I think every fan is proud to be a part of the anime series. After all, it’s been voted as the best anime series in the world.

Are you taking Hunter x Hunter to a new platform?

Yes, I am. After 26 years, it’s getting an online game. I am so excited about that. I want players to be able to create their own characters.

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring anime creators?

Don’t give up on your dream. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

Editor’s Thoughts and Final Words

Inspiration can come to you in many forms. The most profound inspiration you’ll ever come across comes at the least expected time, from the least expected place.

Not only does this anime series provide great storylines and seat-gripping action, but it also provides some profound life lessons and memorable Hunter x Hunter inspirational quotes. The most inspirational is the work of Yoshihiro Togashi, proof that dreams come true if you believe in yourself and tap into your human potential!

The greatest power of the world is the driving force within your own real life to spend the time and focus on the most important things. You’re the only person that can choose the outcome of your own life. Be your own man. Be your own woman as there is no next life. We can focus on a lot of things but we only live once.

Focus in the right areas anime fans . . . anime lovers!