75 Happy Father’s Day In Heaven Quotes And Warm Messages For Dad

Jose "Jay" Carrillo

The greatest gift you could ever have in your life is to have a great dad. A noble father is your guiding hand in those tough times and your guiding light in uncertain times.

Relive those tender moments you once shared and wish him a Happy Father’s Day all the way to heaven today!

Close your eyes and say:

“I know you’re in heaven, dad watching over me because you’ve always been my guardian angel. I miss you so much because you hold an enormous piece of my heart. I send you a big warm hug and wish you a Happy Father’s Day, dad. Thank you so much for being a wonderful man and an amazing dad. I love you so much and I’m looking forward to the day when we meet again.”

Let’s not forget about those dads that are still with us. A great warm hug as well to all the wonderful dads still creating beautiful memories with us here in person!

Below is a beautiful list of heartfelt quotes and messages that you can use as inspiration when you think of your dear dad and best friend.

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Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Quotes: Heartfelt And Uplifting

Father’s Day might look different for those of us with deceased fathers. It’s really important to take time out of our day to honor them, especially if they’re not with us physically. They may be gone but never forgotten.

I think of the happy times we shared. The memories that bring me comfort and the special moments when I felt loved and supported. Even though some of our fathers are no longer here, we feel connected with them in spirit.

I hope that these Happy Fathers Day in heaven quotes serve as a reminder to you of their presence in our hearts forever and that they bring you hope and a smile.

“All I want is for my dad in heaven to know how much I love and miss him.”

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you, dad. Thank you for being such a big part of my life!”

“No distance could ever keep me from loving you, dad. You’re always going to be close to my heart and right next to me until my last breath.”

“It still feels like yesterday that you were here with us. I know you are watching over us from heaven. I love and miss you, daddy.”

“I know you are in heaven, yet I want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day and let you know that you’re still in my heart.”

“A piece of my heart lives in heaven with you, dad.”

“There is one thing that changed when you left . . . everything.”

“The greatest gift I ever had came from God. I call him dad!”

“I know you’re watching over me and guiding me every day. I love you and miss you, dad.”

“Your memory will remain in my heart forever.”

“To the world, you are just another father. To our family, you are the greatest father in the world.”

“Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.”

“My dad was my best friend and my hero. I miss him every day.”

“I have an angel watching over me and I call him dad.”

“Although we cannot see you, you are always in our hearts.”

“The loss of a father is one of the deepest sorrows a child can know. But even though he is gone, I know his spirit lives on in me.”

“On this Father’s Day, I am reminded of how lucky I was to have such a caring and loving father. I cherish all the memories we had together.”

“Your guidance and wisdom continue to inspire me, even though you are no longer here with me. Thank you, dad for everything.”

“Happy Father’s Day in heaven, dad! You are so loved and so missed!”

“Although it’s hard to see you go, I know you are in a better place. I will always cherish our time together. Rest in peace, daddy.”

“If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.”

“You were the best father anyone could ever ask for. You always put your family first and made sure we had everything we needed. I know you are watching over us now and I’ll never forget how much you loved us. I can’t wait to see you again one day.”

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

“Though you may be out of sight, you are never out of my mind, dad. I love you always!”

“No matter how much time passes, you are always in my heart. Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day in heaven.”

“Missing you on Father’s Day and always. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.”

“No one can ever take your place in my heart, dad. Happy Father’s Day!”

“On this Father’s Day, I’m reminded of the many lessons you taught me and the wonderful memories we shared.”

“Happy Father’s Day in heaven, dad. I will never forget the love and support you gave me.”

“My heart is heavy, but I am blessed to have had such a wonderful father. Thinking of you on this Father’s Day.”

“Though you are gone, your spirit and legacy live on in me. I love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Sending love and light to you up in heaven on this special day!”

“Your love and guidance will always be remembered and appreciated. I wish you a Happy Father’s Day dad.”

“Though we are apart, you are never far from my heart. Sending you love and peace on this Father’s Day daddy.”

“A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.”

“This rose is for my dad in heaven.”

“On this special day, I remember all the things you taught me. I’m so grateful for you dad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“The love and memories we shared will always remain in my heart. Thinking of you on this very special day!”

“Your guidance, love and support will never be forgotten. I couldn’t have done it without you, dad.”

“Happiness is the feeling that your dad is always there to guide you, even if he is in heaven.”

“Your spirit will live on in me forever. I miss you and love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day in heaven.”

“We miss you more and more every day, dad . . . ‘till we meet again.”

“Your love will stay with me forever, dad. Sending you peace and love on this Father’s Day.”

“A father is a man who carries pictures where his money used to be.”

“For the rest of my life, I will search for moments full of you.”

“Though you are no longer here, I feel your love every day. My love for you will never fade.”

“No love is greater than that of a father for his son.”

“I keep thinking about you, even though it hurts me. I’d give anything to relive those memories again. Thank you for all of those memories, dad.”

“Because someone we love is in heaven, there’s a little bit of heaven in our home.”

“Remembering you is easy. I do it every day. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.”

“Deep in our hearts, you’ll always live. You’re loved and missed every single day.”

“My father taught me everything, except how to live without him.”

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.”

“Although I can’t hug you today, I can send you my love from near and far. Happy Father’s Day, daddy!”

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Quotes: Famous

“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.” – Pope John XXIII

“When my father didn’t have my hand . . . he had my back.” – Linda Poindexter

“My father was my teacher. But most importantly, he was a great dad.” – Beau Bridges

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” – Umberto Eco

“Dad was that one person who, no matter what he did in life, he just took it by storm, and he was so passionate and just really lived in the moment. Whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is, that was him . . . and I think I kind of inherited a little bit of that.” – Bindi Irwin

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” – Jim Valvano

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” – Sigmund Freud

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Grief is the price we pay for love.” – Queen Elizabeth II

“A father is someone who is proud to see you get your first car, but secretly wishes it had no keys.” – Linda Pointdexter

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” – George Herbert

“A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he meant to be.” – Carol Coats

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland

“When I was a kid, my father told me every day: You’re the most wonderful boy in the world, and you can do anything you want to.” – Jan Hutchins

“This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments, and you get the tears at the end, too.” – Harlan Coben

“A father’s love is forever imprinted on his child’s heart” – Jennifer Williamson

“I love my father as the stars – he’s a bright shining example and a happy twinkling in my heart.” – Adabella Radici

“When one has not had a good father, one must create one.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then, it’s a love without end.” – George Straight

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” – Maya Angelou

“It is not flesh and blood but heart which makes us fathers and sons.” – Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

“A good father is one whose only reason for putting down a laughing baby is to pick up a crying one.” – Linda Pointdexter

Creative And Easy Activities To Do When You Miss Dad

For some of us, the thought of our deceased fathers brings a painful reminder of how much we miss them. In this case, the best thing to do is to create a new beautiful memory or many new happy memories.

Below is a short list of the best ways to turn this difficult time into a fond memory.

1. Visit His Grave

2. Light A Candle

3. Participate In Your Father’s Favorite Activity

4. Read A Father’s Day Poem

5. Create A Memorial Or Shrine

6. Toast To Dad

7. Make A Donation In Your Father’s Name

8. Have A Special Dinner Or Celebration To Remember Dad

9. Visit A Place Dad Enjoyed

10. Throw A Celebration Of Life Party

11. Plant A Tree In His Memory

12. Spend Quality Time With Family

13. Write A Letter To Dad

14. Talk About Him And Share Your Best Memories With Others

Editor’s Final Thoughts And Last Words

Sonora Smart Dodd is largely recognized as the “Mother of Father’s Day”. For those of us that have a deceased father, we should thank Sonora Smart Dodd for recognizing her father and advocating for making Father’s Day a national holiday. Not that we only think of our deceased fathers on Father’s Day, but it does give us another opportunity to reflect on how much they mean to us and celebrate them.

I truly hope that you were able to find inspiration from one of the Happy Fathers Day in heaven quotes above. After all, our fathers would not want us to be sad, but rather happy in our lives. One of the best things that we can all do is to think of happy memories so that we can celebrate our fathers, not mourn them.

You will always live on in our minds and our hearts. A big salute and lots of love to all the great fathers in our lives, no matter where they may be at this moment.

Warm wishes dad . . . you will always have a big piece of my heart!


How do people celebrate Father’s Day after death?

People celebrate Father’s Day in a variety of ways to honor their fathers, even after they have passed away. Many people will visit their father’s grave and bring flowers or other tokens of affection. Others take the time to share fond memories with family members who knew their father well, such as siblings, cousins or childhood friends. Some watch old videos or look through photos that remind them of happy times. Some families may choose to cook his favorite meal and share stories about him over dinner.

No matter how people celebrate Father’s Day after death, it’s important to remember that the day can be an opportunity to honor and remember the legacy of our beloved father figures.

What should you write to your dad on Father’s Day?

On Father’s Day, writing a special letter to your dad is the perfect way to show him how much you care and what they meant to you. It is also a great way to get your feelings off your chest and will help bring you closure.

I’d start off by thanking him for all the times he has been there for you. From teaching you how to ride a bike to helping you through the tough times in your life. Tell him how his unconditional love and support have shaped you into who you are today.

Let him know how much you appreciate all the sacrifices he’s made for your family and how thankful you are for everything that he did for you. It would be nice to include some of your fondest memories as well, like all those trips together or even just playing catch in the backyard.

Finally, express your love and appreciation straight from your heart. Let him know that no matter what happens in life, he’s always going to live in your heart!