123 Cool Car Captions and New Car Quotes for Instagram

Jose "Jay" Carrillo

You won’t find a better collection of catchy car captions and car quotes for Instagram than right here. If you’re looking for the best car captions and best car quotes, you’re in the right place!

Developing this unique list of car quotes for you was extremely fun because I’m a car lover through and through. Use any of these to suit your needs, whether it’s for your Instagram post or your other social media sites.

I know how much of a difference great captions can make. Take advantage of my hard work and steal whatever new car Instagram captions you like, or any of the amazing new car quotes.

Fast (Sports Car) Captions for Instagram

“The best way to drive a car fast is to buy one that’s already fast.”

“Drive it like you stole it.”

“I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying . . .”

“Fast cars are good. Fast drivers are better.”

“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

“I like fast cars but love going fast in them even more.”

“Asking someone else to drive your fast sports car is like asking someone else to kiss your girlfriend.”

“I like driving fast, I don’t like people who drive slow.”

“I enjoy driving fast, it’s not a sin.”

“Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers.”

“I was the original Fast and Furious.”

“A girl who’s not in love with fast cars can’t be in love with me.”

“Mario Andretti isn’t the only one that likes fast cars.”

Road Trip Instagram Captions for Car Enthusiasts

“There’s a thrill in the air when you’re in your car on a long drive.”

“I love the open road because it’s just me, myself and my car.”

“There’s nothing like a long drive to clear your head and remind you of what’s important in life.”

“Road trip!”

“The best road trips are the ones where you don’t know where you’re going to end up.”

“There’s nothing like a good road trip to clear your head and help you find yourself.”

“I’m not lost, I’m on a road trip.”

“There’s no such thing as a bad road trip.”

“The best way to see the country is from the seat of a car.”

“There’s no place like home, but a road trip comes pretty close.”

“There’s no better feeling than being on the open road with nothing but the wind in your hair.”

“All I need is one wheel in hand and four wheels on the road.”

“I find that driving on the open road is a great way to relieve a lot of stress.”

Best New Car Captions for Instagram

“Got new car?”

“There isn’t a better time to buy a new car than the new year.”

“Ain’t a better feeling than your first drive in your new wheels.”

“What’s that great smell? Is that new car your wearing?”

“Don’t let the new car fool you. It’s the same old car but with better features.”

“A new car always makes a great first impression.”

“Ahh . . the smell of a new car.”

“The feeling of owning a new car is just like that of a new budding relationship . . . it’s so exciting!”

“The best thing about being a car guy is that you always have a new car to look forward to.”

“I was ugly until she saw my new car.”

“A new car makes for the best present ever!”

“Did I catch you staring at my new car?”

“There isn’t anything better than your first new car.”

“I love new cars because they’re always the start of a new adventure.”

“New ride . . . new car smell . . . there’s nothing like it!”

“I prefer new car interior over my lazy boy chair at home.”

“I hope that you have a happy new car day!”

“Sorry, but I just got a new car and I can’t stop taking car photos . . . not trying to make you jealous guys, promise!”

“Even a blind man can’t deny the scent of a new car smell.”

“New car . . . new car pictures . . . and a new car selfie!”

First Car Captions for Instagram

“The first time you drive your car is just like the first time you fall in love.”

“If the doors and windows of my car could speak . . .”

“My first car was the best $1500 I ever spent!”

“So many memories and emotions fill my head when I think of my first car.”

“My first car was my first true love.”

“I gained my independence when I bought my first car.”

“Your first car is your first biggest purchase in life.”

“It was love at first site when I saw my first car and she stared back.”

“Any car makes a good first car.”

“My life was a wreck before I met my first car.”

“I’d give anything to drive my first car again!”

“My first ride came with many other firsts such as my first date and my first kiss . . .”

“I bought my own car with my hard-earned money at age 15. It was the best feeling in the world.”

“The best minutes of my life were spent in my first car.”

Dream Car Instagram Quotes

“If dreams come true, then why am I not driving a Lamborghini?”

“My sports car of my dreams is still on the lot.”

“All I need now is my dream car to go along with my dream guy/girl.”

“My dream car does my laundry, makes dinner and washes the dishes. Can a Porsche do that?”

“You can only dream about the future when you’re driving a Buick.”

“My dream car is a Bugatti. I drive a Honda Civic.”

“I want to drive my dream not follow it!”

“I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and think, “Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on my dream car”.

“Get out of my way people! Can’t you see that I’m driving home in my dream car?”

“My dream car is anything with four wheels and an engine in it.”

“Why is it that I can only drive my dream car in my dreams?”

“Pinch me. I think I’m dreaming of my dream car.”

“The beautiful thing about dream cars is that you can always dream about a different car every day of the week!”

“My childhood dream was to drive my dream car across the country.”

“I believe in the Law of Attraction, so why am I not in my dream car right now?”

“I came from a small town which is like living in a different world but I never let go of my big car dreams to own an exotic car. Now, that small town is far in the rearview mirror of my dream car.”

Funny Car Captions for Instagram

“I’m not just a car, I’m a Ferrari.”

“The car was invented as a convenient place to sit out traffic.”

“My other car is a Lamborghini.”

“This car is my life. I don’t care what you think.”

“I’m looking forward to the day when I can get a car whose price I won’t have to discuss with my parents.”

“She told me that I needed to choose her or the car. Sometimes I really miss her.”

“You don’t have to be a big boy to drive a big car.”

“I want a convertible so I can drive with my head out of the window.”

“I want to drive a car not a pile of junk.”

“I’ll take a Mercedes and a BMW on the side please!”

“I don’t have to worry about paying bills anymore because all I have to do is pay for gas.”

“Do you think it’s too much to ask my parents for a Ferrari?”

“Enzo Ferrari designed a beautiful car, but why did he have to make it so damn expensive?”

Unique Car Quotes for Instagram

“You are what you drive.”

“You can’t have too many hobbies and you can’t have too many cars.”

“The best car is the one you take for a test drive.”

“I got caught in a love triangle between my sports car and my luxury sedan.”

“I’m all about the gas in my car.”

“My car is my best friend.”

“My car is my home away from home.”

“It’s not the car that matters but how you drive it.”

“A car is the perfect place to hide in plain sight.”

“The car is a place where you can drive anywhere, do anything and be anything you want.”

“Who knew a car could bring you so much joy, happiness and peace.”

“A car is a great place to spend time with the people you love.”

“I feel like I’m in my own movie when I drive my car.”

“Every route in my car is the scenic route.”

“The only thing cooler than the coolest car is it’s car owner.”

“Don’t let the car door hit you on the way out!”

“There’s no such thing as boring cars, just boring car owners.”

“A lot of people think a car for getting you from Point A to Point B. A better way to look at it is that a car gets you from Adventure A to Adventure B.”

“Beautiful places and beautiful scenery is meant to be seen from behind the wheel.”

“There’s no such thing as the wrong car as long as it gets you to your next adventure or destination.”

Editor’s Top Cool Car Instagram Captions

“I have a fast car and I’m not afraid to use it.”

“I’m a fast driver. Unfortunately, I have a slow car.”

“Older cars and older guys are way cooler.”

“I love my car because it’s the only place where no one can bother me!”

“The best therapy after a day at work is a long drive with your favorite music.”

“I love the smell of gas in the morning.”

“It isn’t arriving at your destination that’s important but rather the journey in your car to get there.”

“I am a car. I am a rolling stone. I have no desire to stop.”

“When people ask me how many cars I have, I say. “I have one of everything.”

“My car is the only one who knows where I’m going.”

“Hot rods, sports cars, luxury cars, race cars, off-road vehicles and even electric cars . . . I love them all!”

“Anyone can buy a brand new car but if you have a vintage car that looks and drives like new, that’s really saying something.”

“Cars are an expensive hobby but not nearly as expensive as my last divorce.”

“Real men work on cars.”

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